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    CANDAC Data can generally be used free of charge for informational, research and educational purposes only. CANDAC data are gathered by a large team of dedicated scientists and technical staff. If you plan to use CANDAC Data in your publications, please contact the CANDAC at info@candac.ca for an appropriate reference format and acknowledgement of the dataset. Any for-profit use of CANDAC data requires consultation with CANDAC management for appropriate licensing arrangements prior to use.
    Redistribution of CANDAC Data in any format including electronic media is not permitted without written agreement from CANDAC and the appropriate data owner.
    Despite the considerable effort invested in instrument calibrations, data analysis and data quality control, CANDAC Data may contain errors. Therefore, the accuracy or reliability of CANDAC data is not guaranteed and therefore CANDAC will not be liable for any damages arising out of using the data.
For more information, please, contact info@candac.ca.