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    The CANDAC Education/Outreach Program is designed to inform and interact with students, teachers and community members in both Northern and Southern Canada. One of our main goals is to provide in-class workshops about our atmosphere and how it is changing to both schools in northern Nunavut and in Southern Canada. In addition, the CANDAC Education/Outreach program is developing educational materials for teachers and students aimed at enhancing environmental science education in classes from kindergarten to grade 12. These materials will be made available through the Education/Outreach section of our website.
    Scientists in Northern Schools
    The object of this program is to bring CANDAC research scientists into schools in northern Nunavut to perform fun and interactive presentations, workshops, and activities. These presentations and workshops cover a variety of topics within the main theme: our atmosphere and how the changes that are occurring affect the members of northern communities.
    For more information, please contact us at outreachcandacca.